Printers and How They Impact Your Environment – Part 4

This is a continuation from Printers and How They Impact Your Environment – Part 3 The Environment Impact of Toner & Ink Consumption The consumption of printer toner and cartridges has devastating consequences on our environment, especially when you consider that Printers have only, within the last 15 years, become and affordable and mainstream product.… Read More »

The Paperless School

Is a paperless school a myth? There are many that argue that having a paperless school would be a dream, as there would be less paper lying around the office or school newsletters on the playground floor. One of our engineers went to a school and saw reams and reams of printouts that have never… Read More »

Inkjet Printer

(Image source) An Inkjet printer is the most popular type of home printing technology – good for all-around printing. There are many different types of Inkjet printers that people can purchase from major brands such as Canon, Epson and Brother. Click here for an article to let you know more about inkjet printers and what… Read More »


Here are some questions that our customers and potential customers have asked, over the years.   What types of printers are available? We supply the world’s fastest and greenest A4 desktop printers. The printers are a little bit bigger than a standard microwave oven so are suitable to be put conveniently in shared areas like… Read More »

Driving Technology – The Ideas Bus

  It’s always great to work with one of our partners, Driving technology- The Ideas Bus. Instead of hearing us say the usual testimonial, check out what the kids are saying about them. Here are some lovely letters Here are some lovely letters that were written by some of the children in the schools they have… Read More »

Printers and How They Impact Your Environment – Part 1

‘And how changing habits can help improve your Eco school Award while reducing your existing printer consumable spend.’  Printers are perhaps, singly, the most expensive and environmentally damaging everyday product used in offices, schools, and homes. It is estimated that over forty-five million printer toners and cartridges are discarded in the UK annually, with a… Read More »