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What is the Eco Printer Referral Scheme?

We know that a recommendation from a trusted partner is the best encouragement a school can receive to review and switch their printers. 

This is why we've established a straightforward referral system at Eco Printers, offering you great rewards for pointing them our way!


Our Mission

We're here to provide cutting edge eco-friendly printers to schools that not only helps them become more environmentally friendly, but also saves money in the process. 

Most schools haven’t reviewed their print supplier in the past 5 years which means not only are they using older, energy intensive printers, but they’re also paying a premium for doing so!

When schools move to Eco Printers, they typically cut their annual print costs by 20-30% every year, and reduce their CO2 footprint by up to 87%.

5 star rating

Rated 4.8/5

"95% of our schools say we save them a significant amount of money"

100+ schools use and love Eco Printers:

R J Mitchell Primary Logo

"Everything included in the price - no hidden costs with Eco Printers"

Amanda Hamilton - Business Manager / R J Mitchell Primary

St Martin's Academy Logo

"Eco Printers significantly reduced copying costs across the school."

Vanessa Noble - Business Manager / St Martin's Academy

Monkhouse Primary Logo

"We have saved incredible amounts of money by switching to Eco Printers."

Hannah Gilroy - Business Manager / Monkhouse Primary

How Does it Work?

Once you're approved onto our Referral Program, all you need to do is introduce us to a school thinking about changing print supplier. 

We will follow up, arrange the meeting, and manage the whole process.

For every meeting we have, you earn £50. If the school switches to us, you receive an additional £300.


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