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New printers and unlimited printing only 6p per pupil
per day with no contract or up front commitment

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Welcome to Eco Printers

Have you considered that your printing solution may be a terrible drain on your schools resources?

Printer consumables are expensive, that goes without saying and in our opinion the cost is more than is reasonably fair.

Financially they are a burden, especially when sticking to your strict budget. Every time you purchase toners and cartridges this is money down the drain that you are unlikely to ever see a return from.

In fact, every time you purchase printer consumables you are wasting money.

Wasting money is bad enough, but there will always be more money available next term/year, but what about the amount of time wasted?

Have you ever considered how much time you and your colleagues spend:

  • fixing printers?
  • changing cartridges?
  • searching suppliers for the best value consumables?
  • waiting for spare parts and repairs?
  • recycling used cartridges?

This is all time that could be spent teaching and learning.

Another huge drain on resources are the troublesome contracts schools are asked to commit to, which in some cases can be as long as five years or more.

Having to sign a lengthy contract is not in your schools best interests as you are then tied into purchasing consumables for the printers and photocopiers from one supplier, often at inflated prices for the duration of the agreement.

This all contributes to siphoning money out of your IT budget that could have been spent on new (and much needed) hardware and software that will benefit all your staff while helping your pupils achieve better grades in their studies.

We have tackled the things other printers suppliers won't. The big things that will make printers for schools fairer, cheaper, faster, greener and better.

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We supply the fastest, and probably the greenest colour desktop printers capable of printing up to 70 pages per minute.

Unlimited Printing : Print what you need,not what you can afford, your quote includes unlimited printing

Print in colour : You unlimited printing allowance includes colour printing

No More Toners : You will never have to buy another toner again,the consumable in the Eco Printer lasts the lifetime of the printer and when it is running low we will visit you, before it runs out, and top it up.

Delivery & Installation Charges : We will not charge your for delivery or installation.

Support: All your support is handled in-house by our highly trained team of telephone and field based engineers.

Maintenance : Our regular, proactive visits to maintain your printers keep them running smoothly to ensure your printers are always ready when you press print.

On-Site Repairs & Servicing If your printer needs any TLC we will visit your school and get it up and running again or if it is ready for retirement simply replace it to ensure your downtime is kept to a minimum.

Parts & Labour: Your Eco Printers quote covers everything, with no hidden costs.For your piece of mind any parts or labour required when carrying out a service visit are included, this includes consumable parts not covered by our competitors like fuser units, maintenance kits etc.

...probably the greenest & ONLY fixed price

unlimited colour printing solution for schools


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