Our Mission

To build new library’s, create wet rooms for pupils with SEND, lease new school buses, fix leaky roofs, upgrade out of date IT equipment, and more, in schools.

About Us

Me and my team don’t see ourselves as our competitors see themselves… box shifters who sell printers and toners.

We see ourselves as;

explorers who travel deep into our field until we discover an innovation that make people do things differently.

pioneers who struggle to think 'inside the box'

vigilantes who fight to keep more money in school classrooms.

and, members of a community that help each other to improve the standard of pupil’s education

Me and my team are passionate about the environment and work with Eco Schools to promote green printing. We also consider what impact running our business has on our environment and make considered purchasing decisions to reduce this risk.

and, finally

We are culinary geniuses' who look forward to rocking up at your school to feed you and all your staff up with a curry night when you share your experiences with other schools.

If you want to know more about what we get up to you can follow our blog

Parmi Jutlay
Founder and Managing Director